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Le Gallerie occupies one of the most stunning locations in the West Indies. Perched 300 feet above the Caribbean Sea, on a promontory called Lookout Point, it faces due south at the majestic Pitons and beyond to the island of St Vincent. Take a video tour! https://youtu.be/YCyNF34u6jk

The view is simply breathtaking, extending 180 degrees from Soufriere Bay, across the Pitons, St Vincent and around to the setting sun in the west. Photgraphs look incredible but nothing like the actual view and perspective you get of the Pitons from the house or its deck areas.

Clouds drifting in from the Atlantic on the eastern side of the island can produce ever changing light conditions to illuminate the Pitons as they rise majestically 2,500 feet out of the clear Caribbean sea, the colour of which varies from brilliant turquoise to deep blue.

This most amazing and dynamic of panoramas provides a magnificent backdrop for the beautiful and charming house, making it a wonderful place to entertain, relax and unwind. Read our guest reviews, memories to last a lifetime.

Take a tour with our pet drone! https://youtu.be/YCyNF34u6jk

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